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2018 Sunshine Blogger Award

I have to say it: I’m not sure what dimension I’ve just entered, but I’m definitely not on Earth anymore; how on Earth did I manage to get nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award… Not once… But twice?!

My first nomination comes from the lovely Yaa Yaa over at Scribbles and Tostitos. The second, from the gorgeous Nicole of Navigating Darkness. Both are wonderful women who I absolutely adore, and whose blogs I read near obsessively.

So what’s the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Basically it’s another one of those chain blog things in the same vein as the Liebster Award (an award I’ve been “nominated for” three different times- once in 2016, and again twice earlier this year).

Unlike the Liebster Award, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of official anything for it. But According to Yaa Yaa, the Sunshine Blogger Award “recognizes bloggers who are positive, uplifting and inspirational“; Whitney of Aiming to Stress Less calls it a “peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy“. And Ash of The Messy Life goes one step further and describes it as “a way to recognize bloggers for adding value to the blogging community“.

965e6836-79ec-48e5-8183-58f41a67ef89Positive… Uplifting… Creative… Inspirational… Joyful… Value Adding…. Y’all, I hate to say it but I’m not sure Yaa Yaa and Nicole have ever actually read my blog before.

I mean, granted: I do try to have a positive outlook on life most of the time… And yeah, I’m one of those particularly obnoxious types of “stare at the sunset in awe every night even though it’s a phenomenon that happens every single day” kind of people; honestly I struggle with my Bipolar II diagnosis (and all that it brings) far too much, far too often, not to grab onto any crumb of positivity with a strangling death grip whenever I can get it. But honestly, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not I’m uplifting and inspirational (or any of that other stuff) in the process.

Still, I’ve been nominated. It would be rude of me not to at least answer their amazing questions… Plus, y’all know how much of a sucker I am for anything that tells you a little bit more about me. Building relationships requires getting to know one another, after all.

I’ll be answering both sets of questions in a single post like I did with my double nomination of the Liebster Award this year… First we’ll tackle Yaa Yaa’s since she nominated me first- then we’ll move on to the questions asked by Nicole. So without further ado, here we go!

1. Why did you decide to blog?

I’ve written about that over here before. The short answer, though, is because I wanted to.

2. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

This might sound lame, but I’m happy with where I’m at; it’s hard to see it through the chronic illnesses sometimes, but the truth is? I have a great life, a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, and a fulfilling profession as a Housewife. I literally have no other aspirations, nor do I want to have any others; I’m perfectly content with where I’m at, don’t need anything else, and don’t plan on going anywhere. So if, in 5 years, I’m still where I’m at now? I’m perfectly ok with that.

3. Tell us about your favorite place in the world.

The Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina are literally the most stunning sight I’ve ever seen in my life; as I wrote in 40 Questions: There are no words in any language to describe their beauty.

4. As a kid, what did you do for fun?

I grew up in the country, so “fun” was some combination of outdoor activities- like exploring the field next door, climbing the big tree in the backyard, playing on the water drums, or playing “field doctor” with plants we picked… When I got older, it was playing MUDs or early MMORPGs on the computer- which became skateboarding, photoshoots, and exploring abandoned buildings when I entered High School.

5. What is your biggest tip for new bloggers?

I don’t really have any tips for new bloggers other than write for yourself, and write genuinely… But I can tell you the new bloggers definitely don’t “need” when they’re first starting out- which basically amounts to everything seasoned bloggers tend to say you do.

In short: Blogging is blogging, and all you need is the ability to read and write- oh, and a blog. That’s all there is to it, so don’t feel pressured into getting all the shit people say you can’t blog “properly” / “successfully” without… Like a custom domain package, self hosting, newsletters, and all that.

6. What false assumption do people make about you?

Because I’m a Homemaker, thoroughly enjoy it, and don’t want to do anything else, I get three main assumptions levied at me near daily: 1. That I’m conservative, 2. That I’m Christian, 3. That I want like a billion kids. None of that is true; I’m actually a Liberal Leaning Centrist and an Irish Polytheist (Reconstructed Traditional Irish faith pre Christian Conversion), and I’ve only ever wanted one child- which I will likely never be able to have.

There’s so little you can immediately know about someone based on the most bare basic surface information. It really goes to show how much of an ass our assumptions can make us out to be- and is pretty telling of our internalized biases and prejudices when they’re wrong (which they usually are)… But it’s whatever.

7. What’s something you’re currently working on besides blogging?

Absolutely nothing- unless you count the fact that we’re about to start a few home projects.

8. What is your funniest memory?

I have plenty of fun- and my Husband makes me laugh like a maniac. But I don’t have any singular memory that stands out as “the funniest”, really… At least nothing that immediately comes to mind.

9. Tell us about your perfect day.

It’s 5:45 am. I wake up well rested and energized with 8 hours of sleep, having actually gone to bed at a reasonable hour and drifting easily to sleep. I make tea and drink it while sitting in the tea room. The window is open. There’s a light breeze. The temperature is crisp, but not cold. I can hear the birds singing.

 I don’t discover I’ve killed yet another of the flowers I planted in my garden this year. Instead, my flowers bloom. My Cats aren’t assholes. Instead they’re well behaved angels. No spam phone calls. My mailbox is free of annoying spam mail and letters for people who’ve never lived at this address. Throughout the day I have energy. I actually get all of my housework done. I complete a few larger projects I’d been meaning to get to. I don’t need to take breaks. I don’t get exhausted. Depression never rears its ugly head.

Hey, a lady can dream right?

10. What is your favorite post on your blog?

My Fancy Pants French Toast recipe.

And now for Nicole’s Questions.

1. Day or night?

Neither, if I’m being honest; I’m very much a liminal being (as one of my Twitter followers has lovingly called me)- meaning I enjoy those times most often considered “liminal”… Like Dusk, and Dawn.

2. What is your favorite breakfast food or meal?

Without a doubt, my favorite breakfast foods are sweet ones. And while Pancakes are ok and I greatly enjoy the creative “Pancake Sunday” breakfasts with my Husband… Waffles and French Toast are where it’s really at for me!

3. What color of the rainbow best describes you?

Yellow; while I actually hate the color yellow and find it to be an ugly color, I have to admit that it’s traditional associations of happiness and joy really represent the kind of person I strive to be. But I think we all know I’d have picked pink if it were a color in the true rainbow!

4. You wake up in the middle of the night and crave a midnight snack. What are you craving?

I don’t know what it is… But every time I’ve ever woken up thirsty in the middle of the night, it’s always ice cold milk that I reach for.

5. What are you most scared of?

Thanks to a dog attack when I was little- and my parents lying about it being a stray in order to protect my aunt’s dog from being put down- I had to get Rabies vaccinations the oldschool way when I was three… Which meant incredibly painful injections in the belly button. It wasn’t a fun experience and led to trypanophobia– an extreme and irrational fear of needles.

I get a lot of questions like “if you’re afraid of needles then how come you have so many tattoos / how come you sew / how can you do embroidery“, though, so let me clarify a common misconception: Trypanophobia only accounts for Hypodermic needles, especially when involved in medical settings and procedures… The needles used in Tattoo Machines, embroidery, sewing, and the like aren’t Hypodermic Needles.

6. Are you allergic to anything?

Several things- none of which are life threatening, though. That includes crustaceans like Shrimp and Crab, and Artificial Grape and Banana Flavoring. The only thing I’m actually  near deathly allergic to is Poison Ivy.

7. What is your favorite day of the week, and why?

I don’t really have one, to be honest. But if I had to say something, I’d probably say Sundays because that’s the only day my Husband’s guaranteed to have off from work each week… Which means DnD games and Pancake Breakfasts, and lots of cuddling!

8. Describe a time where you showed a lot of bravery or courage.

I have no idea, to be honest.

9. Do you have any pets? If so, please tell us their names and ages (if you’d like to)!

I have 4- though if I’m being honest I’d gladly have more if my house was larger and my city ordinances didn’t limit households to 4 indoor pets.

Our oldest is Myra, who’s 5 1/2. She’s followed by Araris at 5 years old. Then Whisper, who’s 3 1/2, and Freya who’s 2… I think; I’d have to pull out all of their adoption papers to know for sure, but I’m pretty sure that’s roughly accurate.

10. Where do you see your blog this time next year? Double the followers and subscribers? Do you hope to be doing more collaborations with other bloggers or brands? Do you hope to be earning more money?

I’d absolutely love to do more collaborations and maybe dip my toes into a handful of sponsored posts; after this year’s close call we’re saving to have a Tornado Shelter installed before the next Tornado Season rolls around, and I’d really like to have some extra cash to throw at it (you can help by buying me a Coffee if you’d like!).

11. You just won a free 1-week vacation in any place of our choosing. Where are you going?

Ireland or Denmark! I’ve always wanted to travel to Ireland because of my heritage on my father’s side of the family (which I’m closest to), and because of my faith. But I’ve made an amazing friend from Denmark in the last year and I’d absolutely love to experience her homeland some day as well. From what she’s told me, it’s very beautiful!

I think it’s great someone nominated me, and I’ll happily participate as a thank you that someone thought enough about me and my blog to do so. But it’s hard to adequately express the gratitude I feel.

As is my policy, I won’t nominate anyone for this in order to pass it on… But if you’d like to check out a few blogs that I do love, they’re always listed in my sidebar to the right of your screen!

Like what you just read? Then don’t forget to like the post and leave a comment– and maybe tap that Subscribe button in the sidebar to stay up to date. Consider following me on Instagram or Twitter for additional content, too- or buy me a Coffee if you’re feeling kind!


6 thoughts on “2018 Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. I’ve been dying to visit the Appalachian Mountains for so many years now. I need to move it up my priority list. I just feel like a piece of me belongs there. It’s really nice to hear you speak about how happy you are with where you are now. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! it gets exhausting, though, because I’m constantly bombarded with people daily who say I need to have some sort of elaborate, high reaching, overarching goal or aspiration in my life- which, when you strip down all the surface bullshit, really translates into “you’re not earning money therefore you’re failing because money should be your top priority”… And it’s just not for me.

      I’ve spent too much time in my life being miserable and chasing the things everyone says you “need” to chase. My happiness is what I care about, now… And I am happy; I’m married to a wonderful person and have 4 amazing “children” (re: devilish pets), I have a roof over my head, my Husband has a stable job, we’re not hurting for anything, and I love what I do. Why should I want more than that?

      Enough of that, though! If you do visit NC, may I suggest taking a trip out to Little Switzerland or Emerald Village? It was the highlight of my trip when I got to visit that area in 2006 <3

      Liked by 1 person

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