Make Room For What You Love

borderI’m Anna– Lovely Liminal Being, Bone Whisperer, Rose mother, and Professional Cat Herder… Which is really just a pretty way of saying I’m a Creative Type, Housewife to a wonderful Husband, Fur Mother to 4 beautiful (albeit devilish) rescues, and struggling (but determined) Plant Mother who’s aesthetic goals in life look something like “Ethereal & Otherworldly” had a love child with “Simple & Basic“- then ran off and had an affair with “Vintage” as soon as the child was born.

Equal parts opinionated & energetic, I have more hobbies than is actually reasonable for any single human being to possess- including writing, food, photography, art, and more; simply speaking? I’m one giant, hot, anxiety riddled mess who’s passionate about a lot of things… Like “foaming at the mouth” passionate. Some would say I’m a bit of a handful, really.

But there’s one thing I know about life: The night is dark and full of terrors– and that’s why we all need to take a little time to make more time for what we love in life… Yes, Little hummingbird is my attempt to do that as I write & photograph my way through it on a singular mission: Adventure, Growth, and the perfect cup of TeaI hope it brings a little light into your own life, too… So grab a cup of your favorite Tea and come see what I’m up to (or obsessing over) this week!