2018 Liebster Award

Another year nominated for the Liebster Award… Another year spent still not entirely sure what it is. This year, though, I’m honored to be nominated by Nikki, the creative lady behind Our Jolly Little Home.

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A Completely Normal Carrot Cake

I’ve had the baking bug for two months now. It happens every time its starts gearing up for spring. But with my stomach still on the fritz, I didn’t know if I wanted to bother.

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A Peachy Pairing

I didn’t expect to get the outpouring of support that I did whenever I announced the new posts focusing on Tea and Book pairings. But I’m so incredibly honored to receive every bit of it!

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Little Beginnings

I hate having to use such a plain banner, but none of the pictures I took this week worked… Isn’t that annoying? So here we are: Another week- and a really boring post header. Oops.

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Lost Gems: Being Ladylike

I often refer to my cat, Myra, as “Dainty Princess Goals”; I’ve honestly never met a Cat so prim and proper… But I think the world could likely learn a thing or two from her.

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How Your Garden Grows

Occasionally WordPress recommends some gems to me. This week its algorithm must have caught wind I’ve been working on my Garden, though, because its kept me knee deep in Gardening posts- not that I’m complaining!

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Spring Clean-Along

For the first year I was absolutely dedicated to being a picture perfect wife- and I had a plan. A vision. I had dedication and discipline and moxie- and a whole helluva lot of elbow grease.

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