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Who Am I?

How many people can answer this question with ease? Not me, certainly; I sat staring at my screen for several minutes attempting to answer it, and about the only thing I came up with? Is that any answer you could come up with to that question will always simultaneously be both simple and complex.

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Sometimes Life Just Sucks

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had another flare with my digestive disorder, or what, but life is currently miserable; my days are an ever revolving door of pain, fatigue, and irritability- and I’m so over it.

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Lughnasa, and the Áenach Tailteann

Each year around the holidays I tend to pick my studies back up and dig more into the various elements of Pre-Christian Irish Practice… Usually these studies focus on the holiday itself, looming on the horizon. But sometimes they waver shakily off into unrelated territories. Fortunately that wasn’t the case this year.

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A Sea of Peppers

My results with gardening have always been mixed, to say the least. Mostly, though, it involves being a horrible plant mom and killing all my little plant babies; I jokingly started referring to myself as having a black thumb after I managed to kill Aloe plants- which are supposed to be damned near unkillable!

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Summertime Mornings

Peaches are the ultimate symbol of home for me; some of my best memories are lazily lounging beneath the peach tree during summer as the wasps buzzed around the fruit, and waiting for them to ripen.

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What Goes In The Oven

The kitchen has always been an important part of life, and family; family gathered in the kitchen, good things came from the kitchen. I grew up in the kitchen- and started in it at a young age.

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Reckless Fucking Optimism

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen my good friend Jamie and I throwing around the phrase “Reckless Optimism” when the mental health goings get particularly tough. But what the hell is it?

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At Least The Iris are Blooming

Pardon the language but: Since last we talked, everything’s changed; absolutely nothing’s the same, and everything’s ass up… So what the fuck happened to me? Well, wouldn’t y’all like to know…

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Going AWOL

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