New & Improved?

I decided that part of getting my shit together this year, was going to include finally finding that happy spot when it came to my blog design. Continue reading “New & Improved?”

Cleaning Up My Mess

2017 was bad, 2018 horrid, and 2019 even worse. But I’m determined to make 2020 the year I get my shit together finally, after the last three years. And unlike the last few times I’ve tried pulling myself out of the ruts, this time I’m actually taking the steps to do it. Continue reading “Cleaning Up My Mess”

Homesteading Heartbreak

What do you do when every fiber of your being wants something so badly it feels like it’s tearing you apart? Especially when that something is a life you fear you’ll never be able to afford despite it’s ultimate simplicity? Continue reading “Homesteading Heartbreak”